May 3, 2020

Spring/Summer Engagement Outfit Inspiration

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We've all been there sister.

"What the heck do I wear for my engagement photos?!" I get it, you're dishin' out a pretty penny for these photos and you want to make sure you guys looks bomb. Like a Kardashian walking on the beach bomb. Well good news girlfriend, I got you.

Just a little disclaimer before we dive into this spring time, summery aesthetic yumminess...

  1. Not all of the photos in this blog post are my photos. I do NOT claim to own these as my own. I am solely using these as examples!
  2. These examples are strictly my opinion on what looks nice and photographs best. If you have another vision in mind then you let your flag fly and be YOU home girl.


Above are some colors that I feel pair perfectly together. This year I am absolutely dying over those dusty blues, dusty purples and sage greens. Actually, every single color in the above palette gives me so much joy. Any of those colors you could pair together and you would be killin' it.

Another great thing about the colors above is that they will go great with khakis or jeans. So if your man is a little picky, and refuses to put on his Sunday slacks... no fear, jeans will looks just as great!

I can actually smell this photo. Smells like fresh cut grass and Honeysuckle. Am I wrong though?

These are some ideas I have found while searching for Summer/Spring Engagement outfits. I love they way all of these colors pair together.

Slap on some simple gold bangles, and some dainty gold earrings and call it a day!

I really hope this little inspiration board helps you with finding the perfect outfits for you and your soon to be hubby! I can't wait to see what you come up with... the possibilities are endless!

Check out the links below for some of my absolute FAVORITE places to get dresses and accessories!

xox Bailey